Grand Challenge of AI-based Virtual Experimentation using DEM, FDEM, and Hybrid Simulation Technology

Antonio Munjiza
University of Split and Croatian Academy of Science, Croatia

In the last few years significant developments and scientific breakthroughs have been made in DEM-related discontinua simulation methods; particularly in hybrid continuum/discontinuum simulation technologies, such as the combined finite-discrete element method (FDEM). These developments include novel approaches to fluid-solid integrated solvers, large scale parallelization, next generation algorithmic solutions, and application in applied/fundamental research. These advances are typically applied in the context of virtual experimentation, which complements both theoretical and experimental research methods. The next step is the integration of these into artificial intelligence (AI)-based scientific contexts that opens the door for machine-based discovery, enhancing and complementing human input. In this publication, we provide an overview of some of the key recent developments and highlight promising research efforts that illustrate the usage of FDEM-based virtual experimentation results.