Detailed Programme


Plenary talks: 35 mins + 10 mins discussion
Contributed talks: 20 mins + 5 mins discussion
Mini-symposium talks: duration up to the organisers

September 17, 2023 (Day 0- Sunday)


18:30-21:00  Welcome reception & registration


September 18, 2023 (Day 1- Monday)

08:00- 09:00 Registration
09:00- 09:10 Opening  remarks
09:10- 09:55 Plenary Mikio SakaiWhat technologies are essential in development of the DEM-based digital twin?

Location: H11

09:55- 10:25 Morning break
10:25- 12:30 Morning session Session 1: Granulate-structure interaction Session 2: Coupled Methods I Mini-Symposium: Packings and jamming: a journey through scales
    Location: H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

Modeling of a laboratory cone crusher using the discrete element methodM. Moncada, F. Betancourt, C.G. Rodríguez, P. Toledo

DEM modelling of object penetrating through granular media with different particle shapesH. Shi, E. Hageman, J. Jovanona, D. Schott

Numerical Simulations of the Penetration Process of Open-Ended Piles using DEMN. Sommer, M. Kidane, A. A. Peña-Olarte, R. Cudmani

Stress redistributions under varying trapdoor configurations for buried structures using DEMU. Ali

Propulsion of a scallop-like swimmer in granular matterH. Xiao, H. Torres, Ac. Sack, T. Pöschel

Inertial focusing of a dilute suspension in pipe flowO. Aouane, J. Harting

A Phase-Field Discrete Element Method to study chemo-mechanical coupling in granular materialsA. S.-Morane, H. Rattez, M. Veveakis

Investigation of a particle location-based multi-level DEM coarse graining model for bulk material flow and fluidized particle systemsV. Brandt, J. Grabowski, N. Jurtz, M. Kraume, H. K.-Emden

DEM and CFD-DEM: Recent progress and path into the futureC. Kloss, C. Goniva

Particle-resolved simulation of antidune migration via a coupled free-surface lattice Boltzmann and discrete element methodC. Rettinger, C. Schwarzmeier, S. Kemmler, J. Plewinski, F. N.-González, H. Köstler, U. Rüde, B. Vowinckel

Fabric and granular plasticityF. Radjai

Structural, vibrational, mechanical properties of jammed packings of deformable particlesC. O’Hern

Pushing the high-pressure limit of jamming in granular matterJ. T. Clemmer, J. M. Monti, J. B. Lechman

Shape-driven, emergent behavior in active particle systems- P. Schönhöfer

12:30- 14:00 Lunch
14:00- 14:45 Plenary Antonio MunjizaGrand Challenge of AI-based Virtual Experimentation using DEM, FDEM, and Hybrid Simulation Technology

Location: H11

14:45- 15:15 Afternoon break
15:15- 17:20 Afternoon session Session 3: Polydisperse systems Session 4: Coupled Methods II Mini-Symposium: SALTED: algorithms and applications for static packing problems
    Location: H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

Collapse of polydisperse columns: looking for a scaling between energy and mobilityO. Polanía, M. Renouf, N. Estrada, M. Cabrera, E. Azéma

Transient size segregation of binary granular mixturesS.Kumawat, V. K. Sahu, A. Majumdar, S. Patro, A. Tripathi

Coarse-grained DEM simulation of non-spherical and poly-dispersed particlesK. Washino, E. L. Chan, T. Tsuji, T. Tanaka

Micromechanical Effects of Sample Scale in Size Polydisperse Granular Materials under Simple ShearD. Cantor, C. Ovalle

Granular gas mixtures: DEM simulations compared with experimentsD. Puzyrev, K. Harth, T. Trittel, R. C. Hidalgo, R. Stannarius

Multiscale, multiphysics modeling of granular materials – Volume- & surface-coupled discrete particle simulations in MercuryDPMT. Weinhart, H. Cheng, A. Hazel, S. Luding, A. Thornton

DEM simulations of wind-blown sand and dust transportS. Kamath, E. J. R. Parteli

Investigation of Submerged Granular Column Collapse Using LBM-DEM SimulationZ. Ge, T. Man, S. A. G. Torres

The performance of a deep-sea mining vehicle based on DEM-CFD coupling method- Z. Wei

Metaball DEM for Non-Spherical Particles with Realistic Shapes- P. Zhang

SALTED – A High-Performance Simulator for Granular PackingsN. Topic, T. Pöschel

An Open-Source Software for Sequential Particle DepositionV. Angelidakis

Universal structure of cohesive particle agglomerates after many dispersion-settling cyclesD. E. Wolf

Evolution of charged agglomerate statistics under continued binary collisions– F. Führer, L. Brendel, D. E. Wolf

18:00 Conference dinner
19:00- 20:00 Evening talk Troy ShinbrotChallenges for DEM from the lab and nature


September 19, 2023 (Day 2- Tuesday)

09:30- 10:15 Plenary Nicolin GovenderParticle shape effects in granular material using GPU DEM: An industry perspective

Location: H11

10:15- 10:45 Morning break
10:45- 12:50 Morning session Session 5: Cohesive and capillary interactions Session 6: Particle-fluid interactions in industrial applications I Mini-Symposium: Advancements in additive manufacturing processes through the use of the Discrete Element Method (DEM)
    Location: H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

JKR theory-base`d force-displacement relation for DEM simulations of adhesive particlesJ. Chen, D. Krengel, D. Nishiura, M. Furuichi, H.G. Matuttis 

Micro understanding of the elastic response of soft/tiff mixture packings using multi-modular X-ray characterisation and Discrete Element Method- K.Taghizadeh, M. Ruf, S. Luding, H. Steeb

Lithium-Ion battery electrode as a cohesive granular material M. Sonzogni, J.M. Vanson, Y. Reynier, S. Martinet, K. Ioannidou, F. Radjai

Coarse-grain Discrete Element Modelling of wet particles in a rotating drumR. S. Larijani, V. Magnanimo, S. Luding

The effect of particle shape, particle size, and multiple inter-particle contacts on the DEM modelling of water menisci for coarse-grained materialsD. Barreto, J. Leak, V. Dimitriadi

DEM simulation of multiphase flow in solid rocket motorW. Yang, X. Wu, Q. Sheng, H. Chen, P. Liu

Beyond the Black Box: How DEM Gives a New Approach to Vertical Stirred MillingD. Rhymer, A. Ingram, K.W. Yule

A coupled discrete element lattice Boltzmann method study of bijels as a novel type of catalyst support structureJ. Beunen, J. Harting

Grain-scale behavior of erosion/sedimentation process studied by DEM/CFD coupling simulation- T. Matsushima

Simulation of a continuous vertical stirred mill using DEM, CFD, DPM, and the UFRJ mechanistic model– R. M. de Carvalho, A.L.M. Oliveira, H. A. Petit, L. M. Tavares

DEM simulation-based study on segregation mechanisms of the powder layer in the selective laser sintering of drug-loaded tablets- Y. Tan, D. S. Nasato, H. Briesen

Contact rheology model for visco-elastic powders during laser sinteringJ. E. Alvarez, H. Cheng, S. Luding, T. Weinhart

Continuum Based Simulation for Additive Manufacturing- D. Soldner, L. Herrnböck, C. Burkhardt, J. Mergheim, P. Steinmann

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00- 14:45 Plenary Yuntian FengThe Developments of the Energy-Conserving Contact (ECC) Theory and Contact Models for Arbitrarily Shaped Particles

Location: H11

14:45- 15:15 Afternoon break
15:15- 17:20 Afternoon session Session 7: Granular metamaterials Session 8: Powder processes & technologies Mini-Symposium: The applications and algorithms of coupled MPM-DEM
    Location: H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

Stability of geometrically cohesive granular columns made of star-shaped grainsD. Aponte, N. Estrada, J. Barès, M. Renouf, E. Azéma

Jammed granular metamaterialsH. Götz, T. Pöschel, O. D’Angelo 

Elastic behavior of granular materials composed of polyhedral particles– D.-C. Vu, L. Amarsid, J.-Y. Delenne, V. Richefeu, F. Radjai

Soft particles reinforce robotic grippers – robotic grippers based on granular jamming of soft particlesP. Müller, H. Götz, A. Santarossa, A. Sack, T. Pöschel

Mechanical characterisation of highly interlocked granular metamaterials- V. Angelidakis, T. Pöschel

Digital twins to improve the calibration of DEM simulation of powder processesA. Neveu, G. Lumay, F. Francqui

Numerical study of bidisperse cohesive particle blends – bulk properties and thresholdsL. Orefice, J. Khinast

Investigation of Bulk Material Effects on Reclaim Screw Performance: A DEM-Based Modelling Approach- E. van Gijsen, W. van den Bos, F. van den Hoogen, D. Schott

Growth and Acceptance: DEM in IndustryL. D. Cid

Implementation of coupled material point-discrete element method (MPDEM) in Taichi parallel programming languageY. Shi

Recent advances in the coupling of discrete element methods with meshless partial differential equation solvers- S. A. G. Torres


17:20- 17:50 Evening break – finger food served
17:50- 20:20 Evening session Session 9: Algorithmic aspects of DEM Session 10: Flexible shape particles
    Location: H11 Location: H12

A Level Set approach for non-spherical DEM in YADEJ. Duriez, S. Bonelli, F. Golay, C. Galusinski

Modelling Complex Particle Shapes with the Volume-interacting Level-Set Discrete Element MethodD. L. H. van der Haven, I. S. Fragkopoulos, J. A. Elliott

A new molecular dynamics-like approach for true polyhedra assemblies – Application to the simulation of crushing- Y. Descantes

A novel superellipsoid particle collision model- J. Wedel, P. Steinmann, M. Hribersek, J. Ravnik

Stable integration of rotations for non-spherical particles in the Discrete Element Method- C. A. del Valle, V. Angelidakis, S. Roy,T. Pöschel, J. D. Muñoz

Discrete Element Modelling of Flexible and Shape Memory FibresY. Guo, J. Han

Calibration of a Discrete Element Model of GelatineH. Grobbelaar, D. N.J. Els, C. Coetzee

Modeling soft particles by a coupled DEM-MPM methodS. Nezamabadi, F. Radjai, S. Mora, J.-Y. Delenne, M. Ghadiri

Discrete element method for a smooth polyhedron with rigidity and large deformation based on Minkowski sum methodS. Ji, S. Wang


September 20, 2023 (Day 3- Wednesday)


09:30- 10:15 Plenary Emilien AzémaExploring the scales in highly deformable grain assemblies when compressed far beyond the jammed state

Location: H11

10:15- 10:45 Morning break
10:45- 12:50 Morning session Session 11: Particle-fluid interactions in industrial applications II Mini-Symposium: DEM-based hybrid algorithms for particle-laden flows Mini-Symposium: Advances in open-source DEM software
    Location:H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

CFD/DEM simulations of a pilot scale blast furnace raceways dynamics- E. Izard, F. Romano, P. Fede

Numerical modeling of wet ball milling process by CFD-DEM-VOFH. Ma, C. Xie, L. Zhou, Y. Zhao

DEM-SPH based ship-ice-water-propeller coupling simulation for ship speed analysis in sea ice regionsL. Liu, S. Ji

Investigation of high-throughput particle separation in DLD-DEP microsystems by resolved CFD-DEM simulationsM. S. Wullenweber, J. Kottmeier, I. Kampen, A. Dietzel, A. Kwade


Simulations of magnetic anisotropic particles at fluid-fluid interfacesQ. Xie, J. Harting

Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Janus Spheres: Lattice Boltzmann-Discrete
Element simulations for Soft Matter- G. Nath

Capillary Interactions, aggregate formation, and the rheology of particle-laden flows with a hybrid discrete element and lattice Boltzmann method- J.
Harting, L. Yang, M. Sega

Wave Propagation in Fluid-Saturated Granular Media using Coupled Lattice
Boltzmann-Discrete Element MethodH. Cheng, S. Luding, J. Harting, V. Magnanimo



LMGC90- a Python Framework to simulate non-smooth mechanical discrete systems – F. Dubois, R. Mozul

MercuryDPM: Fast, flexible, particle simulations- A. Thornton, T. Plath, I. Ostanin, T. Weinhart

YADE – An open-source framework for open-science- B. Chareyre, V. Angelidakis, K. Boschi, K. Brzeziński, R. A. Caulk, C. A. del Valle, J. Duriez, A. Gladky, J. Kozicki, G. Pekmezi, L. Sholtès, K. Thoeni

13:00- 14:00 Lunch
14:00- 14:45 Plenary Hongyang ChengFrom Granular Randomness to Predictive Digital Twins: Integrating Data-Driven and Coupled Models for Uncertainty Quantification

Location: H11

14:45- 15:15 Afternoon break
15:15- 17:20 Afternoon session Session 12: Vibrated systems & charged particles Session 13: Powder processes technology: Additive Manufacturing Mini-Symposium: The future of open-source DEM – Discussion
    Location: H11 Location: H12 Location: H13

Discrete-element modeling and experimental validation of the charging kinetics of a vibrated layer of particlesK. Lampoh, F. Radjai, C. M.-Laigle, X. Rouau, J.-Y. Delenne

Tribocharging of patchy particlesN. Preud’homme, G. Lumay, N. Vandewalle, E. Opsomer

About phase transition in vibrated granular material- W. Le Goff, M. Renouf, R. Fargere

A discrete element model for investigating the electromechanical characteristics of particulate systems- C. Zhang, S. Nadimi

Granular Convection in Micro-GravityT. Pöschel, H. Götz, J. A. Freund


Microstructure evolution during sintering: Discrete Element Method approach- D. E. Wolf, L. Engelke, L. Brendel

Wall effects in granular column: Revisiting Janssen’s equation- P Jalali, S. Shah, L. Kondic

Powder spreading of irregular particles with thermal properties- S. Roy, H. Xiao, V. Angelidakis, T. Pöschel

Sintering of particles: grain-growth and non-sphericity treated with DEM- B. M. P. Goyes, D. Jauffres, C. L. Martin

Computational studies of the effect of moisture on powder bed quality in metal additive manufacturingH. Cherukuri, A. Chakraborty

Open Network on DEM simulation- D. Barreto

17:20- 18:50 Poster session
18:30 Finger food served
18:50- 19:50 Evening talk Dirk HelbingThe Wonderful World of Pedestrians
19:50- 20:30 Awards Ceremony


September 21, 2023 (Day 4- Thursday)


09:30- 10:15 Plenary Zeynep KaratzaBridging the gap between simulation and reality through full-field experimental data

Location: H7

10:15- 10:45 Morning break
    Session 14: Fracture and fragmentation Session 15: Performance analysis & machine learning Mini-Symposium: DEM for Understanding Complex Flows in Gas-Particle Systems
    Location: H7 Location: H12 Location: H13
10:45- 12:50 Morning session

DEM study on ice block breakage- M. Prasanna, A. Polojärvi, J. Åström

DEM simulation of the fracture behavior of a composite with aerogel particles characterized by X-ray tomography- G. Hamelin, C. L. Martin, D. Jauffres

ANM-based fragmentation model of granular materials- Y. Trivino, F. Radjai, K. Lampoh, X. Frank, J.-Y. Delenne

Image-informed Fracture Model for Complex-Shaped Particles in Discrete Element SimulationsA. U. Canbolat, V. Angelidakis, T. Pöschel

A combined DEM-XFEM approach to predict the undrained behavior of granular media considering particle breakage- A. A. Eskandani, A. A. Mirghasemi

A graph neural network-based surrogate model for granular flows with complex boundary geometries- S. Li, G. Duan, M. Sakai

Discrete Element Method with Machine Learning model of Liquid Bridge Force- H. Zhao, H. Cui

Data-driven multiscale modelling of granular materials via transfer learningT. Qu, J. Zhao, Y. Feng

Optimizing Particle Simulations: Performance Analysis and Code Generation with MD-Bench and P4IRSR. R. L. Machado, J. Eitzinger, H. Köstler

Investigation of the shape effect of granular material by Bayesian calibration

G. Barros, H. Cheng, K. Thoeni

Scaling laws on granular capillarity dynamics- F. Fan, T. Yu, E. J. R. Parteli, T. Pöschel

DEM Analysis of Volumetric Expansion of Granular Materials Based on a Microscopic Diffusion Model- C.-Y. Wu, J. Hu

Studies on development of a multi-scale and multi-physics-coupled ironmaking blast furnace model and its inner thermochemical behaviorsE Dianyu

Modelling of gas-solid-liquid flow and particle mixing in a rotary drumX. Tang

Coupling DEM with PRDNS: A multiple-time-step algorithm- R. Hu

Fully resolved CFD–DEM coupling model for gas-liquid-solid flows with non-spherical particles- K. Washino, E. L. Chan, G. T. Nguyen, T. Tsujimoto, T. Tsuji, T. Tanaka

Particle jetting induced by the explosive dispersal- K. Xue, L Miao

13:00- 14:00 Lunch
14:00- 14:45 Plenary Eric ParteliParticle-based simulations of dry cohesive granular materials

Location: H7

14:45- 15:15 Afternoon break
15:15- 17:20 Afternoon session Session 16: Geomaterials Session 17: Flow of non-spherical particles  
    Location: H7 Location: H12

Particle Discrete Element Modeling of Transversely Anisotropic Rock with Discontinuous Fabric- M. Gutierrez, G. Xu

Tomography-Based Additive Reconstruction of Sand Particles and its Application in DEM Simulation- W. Xiong, J. Wang, M. Wu, Z. Cheng

Numerical granular rock-box DEM simulation to investigate the thrusting motion at geologically relevant scales- M. Furuichi, J. Chen, D. Nishiura

Geogrid-stabilized soils under a cyclic load- J. P. Morrissey, K. Zamara, J. Kawalec, J. Ooi

From Microscopic Clues to Macroscopic Insights: Exploring Potential Quantifiers and Predictors of Crack Onset in Drying Suspensions– M. Bagheri, T. Pöschel

Non-spherical particle flows in silos and hoppers- Raúl Cruz Hidalgo

Effect of different categories of nonsphericity on mixing in a rotating drum using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)- S. Kumar, A. Anand

Influence of Mechanical Interlocking on the Flow Behavior of Granular Particles- J. Curtis, E. Suehr

Rigid Clumps in MercuryDPM Particle Dynamics Code- I. Ostanin, V. Angelidakis, T. Plath, S. Pourandi, A. Thornton, T. Weinhart

Flow of strongly concave particles in a rotating drum: stress profile predictions- W. Wang, J. Barès, M. Renouf, E. Azéma

17:20- 17:30 Concluding remarks